Our goal is to create a design experience that feels authentic, intentional and unexpected


We value design that has moments of restraint and moments of  drama. Our intent is for the artisan details to be discovered rather than seen at first glance; for each touch point to feel like a work of art.

I & A wanted a design that felt simple but with high fashion flair.

Ling and Christopher were passionate about wabi sabi design and artisan ceramics.

For the escort display, we created custom branded truffles and placed them on personalized coasters. The display was designed to look like a french candy shop.

We don't rely on you to tell us exactly what you want. Our job is to delve deep into understanding your inspiration, to build off your ideas and to unearth a concept that deeply resonates.

Justine and David wanted their cocktail hour to feel like a parisian bistro. 

We worked with a ceramic artist to produce individual ceramic placecard holders which could be taken home by guests and used as bud vases.

We kept the graphic design understated and accented it with a custom painting inspired by Gucci floral patterns. We also eleveted the suite with a hand stiched booklet, and sculpted embossing details.

Every detail is meticulously managed in-house using a white-glove approach to ensure the highest quality end-result.

Keeping our process seamless and stress-free is just as important to us as delivering exceptional deliverables. 

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“Elsa’s art is insane...she is a true artist. She sees your overall vision and incorporates it into her paper goods flawlessly. She’s also amazing to work with...she’s organized and on top of every detail and timeline. As a planner, It’s imperative I work with vendors whose process is fluid, easy and flexible, and Elsa’s is just that." 

Layne Povey  |  Lynden Lane Events


This is a full service offering that begins with a comprehensive branding board and strives for never-been-seen-before save the dates, invitations and day-of deliverables. The outcome can include a detailed watercolor art piece (which becomes the clients' to keep in its original form), bookbinding, the use of innovative materials, experimental printing methods and large scale wedding day decor.
Pricing typically begins at $25K for branding design, save the dates, invitations and day-of paper and decor. 

custom paper design

event branding design

This service is for the client looking for a highly personalized, white glove experience, and to use more traditional stationery formats and materials. This offering includes custom graphic design, line drawing illustrations and/or watercolor spot illustrations, and final assembly/mailing services.
Pricing typically begins at $15K for save the dates, invitations, and day of paper goods.

Inquire to learn more about our process and to receive a custom quote.

We tailor our process to each individual client- whether they are the collaborative type or prefer for us to handle everything and only go through their planner- we take our cue from them to ensure a smooth, easy and bespoke client experience.



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