Serafina Stationery and Design



The presence of the artisan hand is in everything I create, from the handmade papers and ribbons I source to the methods of printing and painting I employ. I pride myself in work that feels effortless, unexpected and deeply intimate.

My education at Rhode Island School of Design, coupled with my experience as a muralist and as an illustrator has taught me how to tell a story. When I started working in graphic design, I moved away from literal depictions and explored how to convey a more subconscious narrative through composition, type, and color. It was my later experimentation with letterpress and handmade papers when I realized how much texture and the use of different materials could take that narrative one step further.

The idea for Elsa Madeline Design came about when me and my best friend Jasmine, (of Jasmine Rae Cakes) began fantasizing of the perfect paper goods to complement her cakes. Jasmine and I have been inspiring and pushing each other artistically since attending the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts High School. Fresh out of college, at the ripe old age of 22, we started a mural business together. We are thrilled to be collaborating professionally once again more than a decade later. 

My approach to paper goods was first born out of my education and experience as a professional artist and designer, is influenced by collaborations with Jasmine and our shared aesthetic, but is really honed by my relationships with my clients. My approach takes the focus off of myself and my artistic agenda. As an art teacher I learned how to recognize what it was that my students were trying to express, and as your designer it is my job to harmonize my expertise with your voice. My hope is that you feel your presence in my work for you, and that it become a tangible symbol of your wedding that you will cherish forever.