Elsa Madeline Design
Fine Art Stationery


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Growing up in a family of artists, my perspective is predisposed to look for beauty, to appreciate and create meaning from the articulation of form, color, and texture. My evolving voice as an artist was further informed by my education at Rhode Island School of Design, followed by my professional experience in hand-painted wallpaper, fine art, color product design, illustration, and art education.

Elsa Madeline Design is a studio specializing in custom wedding paper goods. Your stationery is a symbol, a tangible communication between you and your loved one. When I design for you, I think about it …a lot. Each project. Every aspect. No matter the size. My artistic approach starts with hearing your words then evolves into listening to what is more deeply being conveyed before any design work hits the table. My expertise lends itself to further your nascent vision in hand-held form. I dignify every project for its functional purpose and emotional function.